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The Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Krasna School in Borough Park, Brooklyn was interested in installing a state-of-the-art low voltage infrastructure in their new building and decided to hire Andora Systems for this design and integration project. Andora Systems has worked on many projects for schools throughout the New York area, gaining a reputation for anticipating the specific needs of an educational facility and for integrating systems that school administrators are able to effectively manage. Their decision to work with Andora during the construction phase of their project not only saved the school time and money in the long run but also allowed for the placement of additional wiring to accommodate future upgrades.



Schools have specific requirements that must be met in order to create a useful and safe environment for students and faculty. The low voltage technology employed must achieve two goals: systems must be intuitive to operate while also functioning as expected. Meeting these goals ensures that the low voltage systems are assisting and improving the school’s capacity to educate, not hindering their efforts.



keyscanA crucially important system in every school is the access control system. Parents want to know their children are in a secure learning environment without the threat of any unauthorized persons gaining access to the building. For Krasna, Andora installed a comprehensive Keyscan access control system, equipping 100 doors with locking mechanisms that can only be opened with credentials or when access is granted by a school administrator. Activity is monitored closely–data from every entry point is collected and creates a record of who entered where at what time. All movements into and throughout the school are recorded; data can be accessed at any time through the access control software that is managed by school administrators.





The school’s CCTV system is also extensive, offering a visual compliment to the access control system. 200 high-quality Samsung IP cameras monitor every entry point, the entire exterior perimeter of the school property, and all interior locations. The DW Spectrum NVRs and accompanying software allow administrators to simultaneously view all cameras, record all footage, and store that footage on the school’s servers for later retrieval if necessary. An elaborate CCTV setup such as this requires leading technology and a high level of expertise on the part of the installer. Andora has years of experience using this equipment and implementing extensive CCTV systems in highly sensitive environments.





Andora designed the school’s paging system using top-of-the-line equipment from TOA, one of the leading manufacturers of premier audio products. This advanced audio system is set up to handle 40 zones in each classroom throughout the school, providing an effectual and crystal clear communication system.



The entire networking structure of the school, designed and installed by Andora, includes reliable phone, data, and internet connections that are strategically placed within each room. Using advanced equipment from Netgear, all computers, printers, and phones are linked into one easy-to-manage system.



Each classroom is equipped with a finished audio system and also wired to be smartboard-ready. This audio system includes A/V equipment, microphones, and speakers from Audio-Technica.



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