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Control4, Andora’s partner in residential and commercial automation, has recently launched a new HDMI Matrix Switch that combines all available audio and video sources and allows for easy distribution to any TVs or speakers that are connected to the switch. Using the latest technology and a user-friendly interface, the new HDMI Matrix Switch from Control4 makes it easier than ever to distribute all sources from one place.


Each audio and video device can be controlled using any Control4 remote, touch screen, or the MyHome app from a smartphone or tablet. Only one touchscreen is needed to control all sources, however multiple touchscreens can be installed in various locations for convenient use.


Andora has years of experience in the design and installation of Control4 systems in a multitude of applications:


Conference Rooms – Office environments that really impress clients are those that are equipped with cutting edge technology and sophisticated electronic capabilities. Andora can install a Control4 system for the easy distribution and display of audio and video, and the control of all microphones, screens and speakers in an office or conference room. One or multiple touchscreens can be installed for convenience.


Security Settings – Andora can improve the functionality of any control center with the installation of a Control4 matrix switch. Control centers employ multiple screens and video feeds which can get complicated to manage. Andora can install a system that helps users switch between different camera views and screens easily.  


Lobbies, Waiting Areas, and Showrooms – A Control4 matrix switch installed by Andora is ideal for environments with multiple monitors that are displaying different feeds. A matrix switch helps managers to control what is seen and heard in their place of business. Create the desired experience for customers and visitors, whether it is for informative, entertaining or visually stunning purposes.


Sports Bars – Bars, especially sports bars, must be able to distribute different video feeds over many TVs at the same time. This process should be as simple as possible. Andora Systems can install a Control4 matrix switch that will help to avoid the confusion of trying to control each TV separately and with multiple remotes. Streamline the audio and video system for the benefit of employees and customers.


Residential – Control4 automation can greatly improve the audio/video experience within a home. Andora can install a home theater, distribute different music sources throughout the house, and install multiple touchscreens for ease of use and convenience. A Control4 matrix switch will provide access to all of the audio and video sources from any TV in the house so each person can choose what they want to watch or listen to. Andora can install a state-of-the-art Control4 system that will satisfy every member of the family.


Andora Systems is one of the leading Contol4 installers in New York City. Contact a customer service representative today for more information on how a Control4 matrix switch can enhance your home or place of business.

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