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A secure warehouse requires more than just cameras. Andora can design and install an all-encompassing warehouse security system that monitors the building, increases the safety of the employees, and tracks the inventory for maximum protection and profits.  


Overall building security can be attained with a combination of various systems installed by Andora — access control, alarms, and CCTV cameras. An access control system monitors all entries and exits of the warehouse by recording who enters where at what time. The CCTV system monitors the inside and outside of the premises, records all activity, and provides a visual accompaniment to the access control system. An alarm system protects the building during non-working hours or in the event of a security breach during the workday. An alarm system also deters criminals from burglarizing the warehouse.


Employees should be monitored for their own safety and for the security of the warehouse. Andora installs systems that call attention to any criminal activity or unauthorized entries. CCTV cameras are placed in strategic locations for the complete coverage of work areas. Andora can design an intuitive and efficient CCTV control center that displays all camera feeds over multiple monitors. NVRs compile the footage and store the video for later retrieval. An access control system grants entry to persons that have permission to access specific areas at certain times. Alarms notify employees of a possible break-in or threat. Employees are safer when CCTV footage records the activities in the warehouse, only trusted persons have access to the premises, and alarms call attention to possible threats.


Inventory control can be implemented to track the movement of inventory within the building, record when a product was sent out for shipment, or a missing item’s last known location. RFID stickers provide the means to track each item. Metal detectors monitor the exits through which products can be taken out of the warehouse. CCTV cameras provide a visual on the inventory, identify individuals who may be stealing items, and reduce theft by deterring subversive activity. Andora can integrate the warehouse POS system, RFID stickers, and the CCTV system to keep a comprehensive record of the inventory as it moves around and out of the warehouse.


Complete warehouse protection requires a multi-pronged approach to ensure the security of the building, the employees, and the inventory. Andora integrates systems that secure the more vulnerable elements of a warehouse. Contact Andora today for a free consultation regarding how to improve your warehouse security.

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