Construction Site Security and Management

construction security and management

On a construction site, expensive equipment and building materials are left unsupervised every night, often with no security whatsoever. Even during the day while work is being done, there is nothing to stop workers from removing the materials they desire. The threat of theft exists 24 hours a day, and developers can lose an extraordinary amount of money before the project is even completed.


Construction site management and security maintains a watchful eye on the site, during working hours and at night, deterring theft and ensuring equipment and materials are not easily removed from the premises. If there is a break-in during off hours, alerts are sent and alarms sound, scaring off the intruders and alerting police that there is a crime in process. CCTV cameras capture crisp, clear images of the offenders which is beneficial for recovering the materials later.


In addition to the preservation of resources, construction site management and security systems have even more benefits that ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible. Flood lights brightly illuminate the site, acting as a deterrent for theft and ensuring the image of intruders is recorded. The system tracks equipment, alerting managers if an item is removed from the site or placed in a location it is not supposed to be. Cameras can also monitor the activity of the workers, sending alerts if they are idle for an extended period of time, if they are not following safety precautions, or if they allow unauthorized individuals to enter the site. Due to the fact the entire site is under 24-hour surveillance, the system also acts as a deterrent for unwelcome activities, and encourages everyone to stay on task and avoid the temptations of slow progress or stealing valuable tools and materials. Problems on site can be pinpointed and reviewed later to determine the cause and work toward a resolution.


Construction site security and management offers considerable savings of time and money, ensuring the project stays within the budget and is completed on time. Andora has designed and installed numerous construction site security systems for their customers, many of whom hire Andora again and again to install their systems on every project. The system installation is hassle-free — Andora determines what is needed for the site, installs the equipment, sets up the system to function as desired, and upon completion of construction, speedily extracts the equipment so the project can continue without delay.


data cloud storageAutomatic Software Updates


Andora is partnered with vendors that consistently improve the functionality of their products. The cloud hosting subscriptions offered through Andora are automatically updated on a regular basis in order to maintain system integrity, protect from constantly evolving network threats, and increase operational capacity in conjunction with new technology. The data from the system is stored in the cloud for easy access along with a guarantee that the footage cannot be damaged or stolen.



Andora + Security Solutions


Andora is devoted to providing their customers with the most effective and intuitive Construction Site Security and Management systems on the market, installing the necessary equipment to properly monitor and manage any site of construction or renovation. Andora works with customers to understand their desired usage and operations, providing them with the necessary tools and features to best manage their equipment, materials, workers, and their investment.



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