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NuVo has made it easier than ever to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet directly to your audio system. The NuVo Player App is now available for Apple and Android devices, eliminating the need for a media server and making it simple and convenient for users to stream their audio. Andora specializes in the design and installation of NuVo audio systems in commercial and residential spaces.


Control of NuVo’s wireless and professional series players is easy and intuitive with the Player App for Apple and Android mobile devices. NuVo Player app version 1.8 allows Android and Apple users to stream music stored on a network-connected phone or tablet, no matter the file format, directly through a Player Portfolio system. Direct stream allows files that are resident on the device to be streamed directly to the Player system. Files such as MP3, AAC and FLAC are some of the file types that can be streamed from the phone to the system. Browse the library, skip tracks, and adjust volume, all from within the NuVo app.  


Not only does the app allow for streaming directly to the audio system, but additional zones can join in to listen to the streaming content or even stream from other Apple/Android devices.


NuVo audio systems are well-suited for any environment – home, retail, lobby areas, waiting rooms, commercial spaces, and restaurants. Choosing Andora as your NuVo installation partner means superior performance, elegant design, user training, and support when needed.


Audio systems are becoming more and more compatible with the devices that we use every day. Andora Systems is partnered with industry leaders such as NuVo and can install a state-of-the-art NuVo audio system that is convenient, easy to use, and compatible with your current devices. 


Download the NuVo Player App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Contact Andora today for more information about NuVo audio systems.

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