Facial Recognition Software

facial recpgnition technologyFacial Recognition Software is an advanced security approach that is now available for landlords, building managers, and office administrators to efficiently manage, supervise, and secure their property, tenants, and employees.


Until recently, Facial Recognition Technology has been relegated to the future or for use only in highly sensitive environments. Now, this technology is being designed for everyday use in small-scale applications such as building and workplace management. As this technology continues to develop, not only will these systems become more efficient and adaptable, they will eventually become the standard for all security applications.


Monitoring the activities of tenants and the productivity of employees helps to limit any infractions that could have an adverse effect on managers and owners. Facial Recognition Software is proactive technology, tracking the patterns, behavior, and traffic in a building in order to alert managers when something unusual is happening.


The software is designed to store the facial features of tenants and employees, identifying who enters/exits and at what time. Abnormal behavior is flagged and the system manager alerted with a detailed synopsis of the activity. If an unknown person enters the building, wanders around the premises, or engages in illegal or criminal activity, their facial features are logged and the incident itself is recorded on a digital feed available to the manager for review and export.


Extensive Applications


Landlords benefit from Facial Recognition Software with sophisticated features that are simply not available through the use of traditional CCTV systems. Intelligent software uses machine learning technology to accurately identify people in the building, to send pertinent alerts regarding activities and occurrences the landlord has deemed worth knowing, and to pinpoint exactly which individuals are involved in any incidents. The technology streamlines the processing of information, creating easily accessible and accurate reports of the overall activity in the building. Landlords can also use the system to register tenants, monitor unknown individuals, and record any occurrences that may come under scrutiny at a later time.


Office managers use Facial Recognition Software in the workplace to monitor employees’ behavior and productivity. If an employee is stealing or misusing company property, allowing unauthorized individuals on the premises, or is involved in a dispute with a coworker or injured on the job, the incident is recorded and accessible for later review. These monitoring capabilities protect employees, business owners, and managers in the event of a lawsuit or crime. The system is also able to monitor the productivity of an employee and analyze if they are getting their job done as expected and while following workplace protocols.


data cloud storage


Data Storage


Data storage capabilities are constantly improving. Capacity is increasing, costs are decreasing, and cloud storage technology is becoming more efficient and comprehensive. Data can be stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere at any time, and in the event of equipment damage or theft, the data is unaffected and remains available for viewing and download.




Automatic Software Updates


Andora is partnered with vendors that consistently improve the functionality of their products. The cloud hosting subscriptions offered through Andora are automatically updated on a regular basis in order to maintain system integrity, protect from constantly evolving network threats, and increase operational capacity in conjunction with new technology.


Andora + Security Solutions


Andora is devoted to providing their customers with the most effective and intuitive security systems on the market, designing the ideal security setup for any commercial or residential project. Andora works with customers to understand their desired usage and operations, providing them with the necessary tools and features to best secure their property, tenants, and employees.



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