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The keypad entry option is the most cost-effective option available for access control however it is also the least secure. Codes are frequently shared with coworkers and neighbors for purposes of convenience.


Keypad access control systems require that a predetermined sequence of numbers be entered on a set of push buttons in order to open a door. Keypads are able to utilize various methods that will prevent any breach of security. The level of security provided by any keypad access device is determined by the number of defenses used against an intruder.


A greater number of combinations and regular code changes can reduce the likelihood of an intruder using trial and error to gain access. The system can be set up to limit the amount of time that is allowed to enter the correct combination. A time penalty feature can deactivate the system for a period after the entry of an incorrect number or activate an alarm to alert administrators.


Individual codes can be assigned to specific doors, and a different master code (usually in possession of the administrator) has the ability to open all doors.


A separate code number can be provided to each person who is granted access. This allows for activity logging, which keeps an electronic record of the time, location and identity of each entry.



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