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A lighting system offers convenience, control and flexibility to the homeowner. Lighting can be designed to integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle and the infrastructure of your home.


lightingSet lights to turn on automatically whenever anyone enters a room. Create schedules for lighting based on the time of the day or for specific situations such as sleeping, entertaining, or vacation. Brighten or focus lights on a specific area for working or reading. Create scenes to emphasize the beauty of your home. Conserve your home’s resources by adjusting the brightness of the bulbs. Turn off all the lights in your home at once. Settings can be easily adjusted at any time. All of this with one touch of a button.


Andora can also program your lighting system to provide home security. Lights can flash to alert that there is an issue that needs attention. Lights can be scheduled to turn on and off to make your house look lived in while you are away.


Andora has created state-of-the-art controlled lighting systems for a variety of residential spaces. Andora’s design and installation experts are the premier partner for any residential lighting project.



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