1515 Bedford Avenue


1515 Bedford Avenue is an expansive, high-end residential Brooklyn development that Andora has equipped with the most sophisticated low-voltage technology available today. The owners desired efficient day-to-day management and administration, and for a building that spans over half of an entire city block, Andora understood that an extensive low voltage setup for a residence of this size would require a high level of planning and execution. From start to finish, Andora devoted substantial manpower to planning, engineering, project management, and installation to ensure the project was completed on time and the systems were up and running on day one.


The CCTV system utilizes 180 Samsung/Hanwha cameras that connect to a Spectrum NVR for real-time display in high resolution. The Aiphone intercom system is extensive, providing clear audio communication capacity to 160 units. The Keyscan access control system is active across all exterior entrances and amenity spaces, ensuring that access to the building and its amenities is limited to residents only. A separate access control system operates in the building’s garage, granting entrance only to those who are authorized to enter. The WiFi system and wireless network is administered by Ubiquity for seamless and reliable connectivity throughout the building.


Andora’s experience with large-scale high-end residential developments shows not only does Andora have the capabilities to handle these types of projects, but they are also able to exceed expectations and get the job done right.



Private Townhouse in the Upper West Side


A five-story private townhouse located in the Upper West Side recently received the royal treatment from Andora Systems, resulting in one of Andora’s most comprehensive automation integration projects to date. A highly sophisticated Savant automation system controls an array of complementary systems including distributed audio/video, HVAC, and intercom. This Savant integration is significant, involving 10 distributed audio/video zones, a home theater, and hidden speakers placed in strategic locations throughout the townhouse.


The home theater is operated through the Savant control system and utilizes technology from the most innovative brands in the industry.  James Loudspeaker audio equipment and Stealth Acoustics hidden speakers create an authentic theater audio experience. The Sony 4K projector displays on a Vutec screen for the highest quality video display available today. Lutron HomeWorks Palladium system is designed specifically for home theater lighting control, turning the lights on and off to the appropriate settings at the precise moment they are needed.


Every room in the home contains hidden speakers that are controlled through the Savant distributed audio system, including marine-grade speakers in the sauna and pool areas. Wall-Smart iPad housings are installed in strategic locations on the wall, making sure the control system is accessed quickly and easily in every room.


The security system integrates CCTV cameras with access control, ensuring safety for the homeowners by keeping an eye on the exterior and interior premises. IP cameras from Samsung are incorporated with a Digital Watchdog NVR, providing crystal-clear footage that is easy to access at any time. A robust wireless network from Ubiquity ensures that all devices and systems are constantly connected and operating as expected.


Communication throughout the townhouse operates through Savant, providing intercom access to all areas of the home.  Multiple complex lighting control systems are programmed with various scenes that are designed to accommodate any time of day or event, turning on and off with the touch of a button.


Andora specializes in luxury residential automation installations, providing clients with the latest technology combined with extensive industry expertise.



Fine Dining Restaurant in Brooklyn


Andora has recently begun work on a project in a brand new upscale restaurant in a trending Brooklyn neighborhood, installing multiple state-of-the-art automation systems that require an innovative design approach and sophisticated integration methods. A Savant automation system controls the distributed audio along with proprietary Mitsubishi thermostats for superior climate control. In addition to audio and thermostats, Andora has integrated a Lutron HomeWorks lighting control panel to easily operate lighting at the touch of a button from one central location. Andora is the low voltage integration provider for many high-end residential and commercial clients, specializing in upscale and luxury projects all over New York City.


11 Beach Street Home Automation


11 beach streetWhen a high-end residential developer hires Andora Systems to install the low voltage in their building, Andora will not only install the necessary systems such as CCTV, intercom, and access control, but can also create a wiring infrastructure for residents to easily equip their new homes with automated features. At 11 Beach Street, Andora wired each unit for upgrades and was hired by one of the residents to install these automated systems in their new four bedroom condo. The full setup includes lighting control, temperature control, and distributed audio with hidden speakers in every room.


The owner requested that Andora use Savant as the home automation control technology for this project. Andora is an exclusive dealer of Savant’s sleek new automation technology. As one of the leaders in the home automation industry today, Savant designs systems that are as easy to use as they are stylish. The modern look and functionality of Savant technology fits seamlessly into high-end residences, adding convenience by streamlining otherwise time consuming tasks.


Savant’s lighting system is easily operated through a smartphone or iPad, and straightforward controls provide the flexibility to adjust brightness to any lamp or all the lights at once. Lighting scenes can be created for a variety of occasions, such as a dinner party or a movie night. The user can schedule a “Wake Up” scene that slowly brightens the lights in the morning, while in the evening they can simply tap “Goodnight” to go dark with a single touch.


A Sonos distributed audio system makes selecting and playing audio simple, allowing the owner to play the source of their choice in one or all of zones throughout the condo. Andora installed Stealth Acoustics hidden acoustic speakers in every room to bring high quality sound to the entire house without disturbing the interior design of the home. 


Contact Andora today and schedule a free consultation for your next low voltage or automation project.


Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Krasna School


The Yeshiva Beth Hillel of Krasna School in Borough Park, Brooklyn was interested in installing a state-of-the-art low voltage infrastructure in their new building and decided to hire Andora Systems for this design and integration project. Andora Systems has worked on many projects for schools throughout the New York area, gaining a reputation for anticipating the specific needs of an educational facility and for integrating systems that school administrators are able to effectively manage. Their decision to work with Andora during the construction phase of their project not only saved the school time and money in the long run but also allowed for the placement of additional wiring to accommodate future upgrades.

A crucially important system in every school is the access control system. For Krasna, Andora installed a comprehensive Keyscan access control system, equipping 100 doors with locking mechanisms that can only be opened with credentials or when access is granted by a school administrator. Activity is monitored closely–data from every entry point is collected and creates a record of who entered where at what time. All movements into and throughout the school are recorded; data can be accessed at any time through the access control software that is managed by school administrators.

The school’s CCTV system is also extensive, offering a visual compliment to the access control system. 200 high-quality Samsung IP cameras monitor every entry point, the entire exterior perimeter of the school property, and all interior locations. The DW Spectrum NVRs and accompanying software allow administrators to simultaneously view all cameras, record all footage, and store that footage on the school’s servers for later retrieval if necessary. An elaborate CCTV setup such as this requires leading technology and a high level of expertise on the part of the installer. Andora has years of experience using this equipment and implementing extensive CCTV systems in highly sensitive environments.

Andora designed the school’s paging system using top-of-the-line equipment from TOA, one of the leading manufacturers of premier audio products. This advanced audio system is set up to handle 40 zones in each classroom throughout the school, providing an effectual and crystal clear communication system.

The entire networking structure of the school includes reliable phone, data, and internet connections that are strategically placed within each room. Using advanced equipment from Netgear, all computers, printers, and phones are linked into one easy-to-manage system.

Each classroom is equipped with a finished audio system and also wired to be smartboard-ready. This audio system includes A/V equipment, microphones, and speakers from Audio-Technica.




20 Park Street



downtown albany

20 Park Street in Albany, New York, has recently undergone a transformation from an office building into to a new, centrally-located residential building. Scheduled to be completed in summer of 2016, these 72-units lie within the heart of Albany, an area that for decades has been dominated by commercial and government office space. Conveniently situated just below Empire State Plaza, this development is part of the city’s push to revitalize the downtown Albany area. 




20 park street


Andora was the lead low voltage integrator on this project, installing an array of systems throughout the building to increase safety and functionality for tenants. An access control system by Keyscan guarantees that only authorized individuals gain access to the building. A comprehensive IP CCTV camera system from Samsung and DW Spectrum supervises the exterior of the building and the interior’s common areas to ensure maximum safety for residents. A GT Series Aiphone video intercom system allows tenants to view and speak to any visitors who are requesting entry and authorizing permitted visitors. Andora also designed and installed a distributed audio system in the communal areas such as the gymnasium and the conference room to provide music at the touch of a button.





Residential Alarm System in Scarsdale, NY


Andora has recently finished the design and installation of a comprehensive alarm system in a 12,000 square foot home located in Scarsdale, NY.


Consulting the homeowner to determine the level of security desired, Andora integrated a variety of features to create a protective alarm system that is operated through a convenient and easy to use interface. Starting with a Leviton HAI alarm system controller, Andora designed a security approach that utilizes motion sensors on all windows, entry zones and access points. Smoke detectors were integrated into the alarm system, providing an extra layer of protection in case of a fire. An integrated smoke alarm not only alerts the residents, it also sends a signal to the controller to notify emergency responders.


Andora offers third party monitoring services for customers, managing and monitoring the system for any inconsistences or alerts. Andora worked with this homeowner to set up the contacts and codes that will allow or deny access in case of an emergency.


Customers are always happy with their project’s end result after working with Andora to design the system that is right for them. After a consultation and thorough discussion, Andora’s designers select systems and features that correspond with the functionality that customers’ request, no more and no less.


Andora Systems provides low voltage integration services to customers located in New York City, New Jersey, and upstate New York.



11 Beach Street


11 Beach streetAndora Systems is the exclusive low voltage integrator for 11 Beach Street, a new 36-unit high-end residential development located in Tribeca, Manhattan. Innovation, creativity, and modern luxury are emphasized throughout the building’s construction and design.



Envisioned and executed by one of the top designers in New York with thoughtful modernization down to the very last detail, these luxurious apartments range from an $8 million four bedroom to the $23 million penthouses designed for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Brick and stone detailing frames the eye-catching forged metal entry canopy. Oversized bronze and glass entry doors lead to the 24-hour attended lobby, highlighted with a vaulted ceiling. The focal point is the glass back wall overlooking the enchanting sculptural courtyard. —

Andora Systems was chosen as the exclusive low voltage partner for the 11 Beach Street development, designing and installing the wiring and equipment for the intercom, access control, CCTV, and A/V entertainment systems.

The Comelit VIP System is the most innovative and versatile solution for today’s video-entry phone systems. The VIP system allows users to effectively manage and access their systems via smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, LAN, or with mobile 3G technology. The system is able to serve an unlimited number of users conducting simultaneous conversations without being limited to specific distances. Andora integrated the additional feature of emergency push buttons, providing residents with the means to call for immediate assistance if necessary.

A state-of-the-art Keyscan access control system offers increased security and ensures that access to common areas like the gym, roof, and playroom is limited to residents only.

The CCTV setup utilizes a comprehensive and cutting edge Samsung IP based system. Monitoring the common areas, building exterior, roof, hallways, and gym, this system offers stunning clarity and complete security for residents.

An audio system with touch screen control is located within the gym and roof areas, offering a convenient and intuitive interface through which residents can select the audio source of their choice. The children’s playroom is equipped with an entertainment setup that includes TV’s, play consoles, and an audio system.

A 24/7 doorman adds a personal touch and increased safety to the building while the access control allows for convenient entrance in the event the doorman is occupied.

Andora Systems specializes in high-end residential and commercial developments, creating low voltage systems that are designed for seamless functionality and a modern aesthetic within luxurious surroundings.

For more information about this development, visit


Metropolitan Commercial Bank


metropolitan commercial bankAndora has recently completed their low voltage project with Metropolitan Commercial Bank, a full-service commercial bank headquartered in New York City. The installations for the bank’s two newest locations in Borough Park, Brooklyn and Great Neck, Long Island have both been designed and installed by Andora Systems.

Known for its white glove personal service, Metropolitan Commercial Bank combines a relationship-driven banking experience with the capabilities and capacity of a large-scale institution. Metropolitan originally hired Andora to design and install the low voltage for their new branch in Borough Park. The project was very successful due to Andora’s high quality of work, innovative design solutions, and good relationship with project managers. Andora is now Metropolitan’s exclusive partner on all of their low voltage integration projects, including the most recent expansion into Great Neck.

When designing the project for the Great Neck location, Andora worked closely with Metropolitan’s project managers to define and create the ideal customer experience within a highly functional environment. Andora’s approach was to install digital signage for the main lobby to provide a display for up-to-date announcements and dynamic messaging to increase customer engagement. Conference rooms were equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment to enhance meetings and presentations. A NuVo distributed audio system was installed to provide employees with effortless control of the music selection and volume throughout the main lobby.

Not only were Metropolitan’s project managers happy with system design and installation from Andora, they also enjoyed working with Andora’s professional team of installers and engineers. Andora Systems strives to provide exceptional service and innovative approaches to each and every customer.



Private Townhouse in Carroll Gardens


A private house on President Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is another of Andora’s high-end residential projects. Andora will install lighting and thermostat systems that are operated through Control4 touchscreens and interface. This five-story house (with an elevator) will also be equipped with a CCTV system for increased security, utilizing Samsung and Digital Watchdog equipment and software. The owner will be able to simultaneously view all cameras and access footage through one easy-to-operate interface. The Leviton alarm system will enable the residents to arm and disarm the system from a number of entrances. Leviton alarms offer a wide range of features such as night mode, vacation mode, and custom modes set up by the user. The VIP intercom system by Comelit is the latest in residential intercom technology, allowing users to access and control the system from any smartphone or tablet. Andora will also install structured wiring in convenient locations to equip the house for phone, data, and cable usage.



Private Townhouse in the Upper West Side 


In a private townhouse on the Upper West Side, Andora will design and install various automation and low voltage systems. Andora has worked closely with the owner to identify their needs and determine which systems would best serve the household.


Andora will install a Control4 system that allows the owner to seamlessly operate the lighting system, thermostats, and the audio/visual system components. A CCTV camera system will be installed to increase household security. Andora has concluded that Comelit’s new VIP system offers the right features for this project. Comelit’s VIP system allows the user to control the intercom functions from an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. These mobile devices, in addition to physical stations, will allow for convenient and effective intercom control. Andora’s will also install sensors in the pool area that notify the owner if and when the pool has been accessed without permission.


Andora draws on years of expertise to develop innovative solutions for home automation in high-end residences in Manhattan.



335 E 19th Street Luxury Condominium


Andora is installing the infrastructure for low voltage systems in a seven-unit luxury condo building located in Gramercy. Each of these high-end Manhattan condominiums will be wired to accommodate a variety of state-of-the-art automation and entertainment systems, designed and installed by Andora.


In the model condo shown to prospective owners, Andora will fully build out the systems, displaying the potential setup that each condo is equipped to handle. A Control4 automation system allows owners to easily operate various household systems such as lighting, audio, thermostats, and shade control by Lutron. Control4 touchscreens will be strategically placed for easy accessibility and effortless operation. Each condo is designed to support a surround sound system with top-of-the-line equipment for a unique and unforgettable audio visual experience.


All condos will be wired for this innovative setup. Each owner will have the option to install the systems of their choice.


Andora is also installing a building-wide CCTV system using Samsung cameras and Digital Watchdog NVRs and software. An Aiphone video intercom will be installed in every condo, allowing owners to see who is at the door and grant entry to authorized guests.


Andora Systems is the low voltage system designer for this luxury condo and many other developing properties in Manhattan.



1515 Bedford Avenue
1515 bedford avenueCrown Heights is a Brooklyn neighborhood that is currently experiencing rapid expansion and development on an unprecedented level. New businesses are popping up and developers are building properties for neighborhood newcomers, ranging from mid-income to luxury accommodations.
The developers behind the new high-rise apartment buildings on 482 Franklin Avenue and 505 St. Marks Avenue are starting excavation on their next job at 1515 Bedford Avenue. This new building will offer 150 new units to Crown Heights renters.


At this point, the project is still in its early construction phase. Although it is only a construction site, there is a lot of activity and equipment that needs to be monitored to ensure the project is advancing as planned. The building developer has hired Andora to install sophisticated site surveillance equipment to observe and record site activity. This state-of-the-art equipment serves many purposes, such as reading and recording license plate information and providing the developer with a comprehensive view of the entire site.


Powerful high-resolution Samsung cameras are able to read license plates that are up to 100 feet away. The same cameras are equipped with IR functionality, making it possible to read license plates at night. Panoramic cameras from Digital Watchdog are mounted in strategic locations and provide a 180° view of the site.


Samsung 360° cameras show the site in its entirety, and offer the option to view only a selection of the image if necessary. These cameras are some of the highest quality cameras available on the market — forget grainy images and blurry pictures, these cameras are next level.


This CCTV system is closely monitoring site activities and protecting the construction equipment, which in turn reduces headaches and saves money and resources for the developer. Andora Systems is the low voltage integrator for this site and many other developing properties in Brooklyn.


Read more about this development –



505 St. Marks Avenue


Andora has recently signed on to install low voltage systems in a new 150 unit apartment building located at 505 St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.


505 st marksAndora will be integrating various low voltage systems for efficient building management and security. Andora will provide an all-encompassing Keyscan access control system for the entire building, requiring authorization to access all exterior entrances, the garage, and common areas. Over 200 Samsung cameras will be installed for a comprehensive CCTV system that provides a comfortable level of security for the tenants and building managers. Digital Watchdog NVRs and CCTV management software will allow for seamless operation and future expansion. The Aiphone intercom system will also be designed and installed by Andora, allowing tenants to see who is ringing their doorbell and to grant entrance to visitors. All systems will be integrated so that building managers can easily access and control each system, on-site or remotely.


Andora specializes in low voltage system design and installation for multi-unit apartment buildings. Andora’s expertise in low voltage integration is valued by developers and has led to many partnerships for upcoming projects in the New York City area.


The new building at 505 St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights will rise eight stories and hold 147 rental apartments. It will also offer 74 underground parking spaces, a roof deck, and multiple recreation rooms for tenants. 


Read more about this new development –


School Auditorium in Brooklyn


Andora is starting work on a new project of designing and installing the auditorium presentation system for a school in Brooklyn. This installation includes the stage lighting system, sound system (speakers and mixers), projector, screens, microphones, and automatic trusses for lighting.


Andora will be installing only quality brands to deliver the reliability and functionality that is required for this project. Equipment includes Elite Screens, Optoma, Da-lite, QSC speakers, Behringer, Shure microphones, and lighting control, LED & chauvet lighting from American DJ.


Andora will install a Control4 system to tie the entire presentation system together, allowing for all of the systems to be controlled from one touchscreen. Using the Control4 touchscreen, users can operate the screen, the projector, source selection and more. Each Control4 touchscreen will be installed at strategic points throughout the auditorium, making the system easy to operate for school administrators.


Andora has worked with this Brooklyn school on various other low voltage projects. They have been happy with the past project results and regularly employ Andora for all of their low voltage needs.


Luxury Townhouse in Chelsea


IMAG0728One of Andora’s latest projects was a luxury townhouse in Chelsea that is now available for purchase for one lucky (and well-heeled) buyer. Andora installed basic low voltage and smart home components that can be easily upgraded according to the preferences of the new owner.


This project included structured wiring throughout the house, providing phone, data, and cable connections in every room. A Control4 system operates the distributed audio system with zones placed all around the house. This Control4 system is easily expandable to include lighting control, HVAC, cameras and alarm. The Control4 system can also be integrated with an intercom and CCTV security system.



IMAG0727This upscale townhouse includes a rooftop hot tub, rear yard, elevator, glass-enclosed staircase, and seven bedrooms. The interior design is sleek and minimalist — ready for the new owner to design the space as they please. Andora’s low voltage setup is the same, as the system can be easily expanded to accommodate the new owner.


Andora designs and installs upscale smart home and low voltage systems for high-end properties all over New York City. 


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Smarthome Design and Installation


Andora recently completed work on a residential automation project in a 9000 square foot home in Brooklyn. This installation included distributed audio, HVAC, CCTV, intercom, alarm, structured wiring, and lighting control.


This smart home is operated through a Control4 interface, using intuitive touchscreens installed in strategic locations throughout the home. The distributed audio encompasses 12 zones that are controlled independently from one another. HVAC is also operated through the touchscreens, allowing for each room in the house to be set at the optimal temperature depending on the occupants preference. Lighting is also controlled using these touchscreens, allowing for the user to adjust the brightness of particular lights or turn all lights on or off with the touch of a button. Schedules can also be set through the Control4 system, such as turning lights on when it gets dark or maintaining the look of a lived-in home when occupants are out of town.


The interior intercom system is accessed via the Control4 touchscreen, facilitating easy connections between rooms in all areas of the house. The exterior intercom system is the Aiphone AX system, which includes audio and video capabilities, and 8 interior stations which can all view and control the exterior entrances.


The HAI alarm and CCTV camera system is fully integrated with the Control 4 system, meaning that if an alarm zone is tripped, all Control4 touchscreens will display the camera feed that is viewing the affected zone. The IP CCTV camera system utilizes Samsung cameras and Digital Watchdog NVRs for optimal viewing and reliable performance.


The home is fully wired for phone, data, and cable in every room. The end-use locations are convenient and compliment the design of the home.


Andora specializes in this sophisticated smart home setup, integrating all systems for an easy-to-use and highly functional system.


Brooklyn Distribution Warehouse


warehouseA Brooklyn-based company occupying a 40,000 square foot distribution warehouse required integrated low voltage systems to operate their business smoothly and efficiently. Andora was hired to install a CCTV camera system, structured wiring for phone and data, access control, and an alarm system.
The CCTV camera system is comprised of 150 Samsung IP cameras placed in strategic locations throughout the facility. Digital Watchdog NVRs store the footage for easy access. This IP equipment is known for quality and dependability — features that Andora’s clients expect and appreciate from their CCTV design and installation.
The access system controls doors and gates, providing security for every point of entry in the warehouse. Entrances to high-value areas are secured with biometric readers from Suprema. Andora uses access control equipment by Keyscan, a leader in the access control industry and a manufacturer of reliable products with intuitive user software. This access system is flexible — doors can be added or removed, permissions can be granted or revoked, and the administrator can pull reports and logs to monitor building activity at any time. Andora hosts this access control system, maintaining the system and ensuring it is up and running 24/7.
One of the goals of this particular access control installation was to separate each division within the warehouse. Employees are granted authorization based on their job function, whether it is shipping, returns, warehouse, or manufacturing. Limiting building access increases the safety of employees and gives managers another tool for securing inventory.
The alarm system by HAI is equipped with third party monitoring from Andora. All security breaches are immediately identified and the appropriate parties are contacted, whether it is the owner, the manager, the police or the fire department.


Shiel Medical Laboratory


shielAndora was hired by Shiel Medical Laboratory to install a high-security access control system, CCTV IP camera system, and structured wiring throughout their facility. Due to the security requirements of the premises, advanced applications such as fingerprint and biometric readers from Suprema were installed to protect the sensitive sections of the building. These sophisticated bio readers provide an extra level of security to prevent any unauthorized entries. The CCTV camera system utilizes the state-of-the-art Samsung IP cameras and Digital Watchdog NVRs. Andora’s expert installation is a scalable solution that guarantees no system downtime.


Shiel Medical Laboratory is committed to excellence in the field of medical diagnostics. Founded in 1919, Shiel Medical Laboratory is one of the oldest continuously operating clinical laboratories in the United States, and the largest privately held laboratory in New York. As a result of their commitment, Shiel has dramatically grown its client base to possess a significant regional presence in the states of New York and New Jersey, and has now expanded into the Connecticut and Pennsylvania markets.





AV_SystemsOuterstuff in New York City is expanding their office by adding another floor to their existing multi-level 50,000 square foot space. Andora Systems has been the lead designer and installer for all of their low voltage systems from the very beginning, installing an alarm system, access control, a CCTV IP camera system, distributed video that incorporates TVs throughout the office, and all conference room audio/video presentation systems.


As Outerstuff expands to their third floor, Andora is expanding their systems efficiently and seamlessly. The alarm, CCTV and access control systems installed by Andora are scalable and can be modified to accommodate more entry points, doors, and cameras at any time with no disturbance to the current systems. Distributed audio and video systems are also easily modified due to the matrix switch technology that was originally installed by Andora.


Outerstuff is one of the largest manufacturers and importers of sports youth apparel in the world. Initially founded in 1983 as a children’s outerwear company, Outerstuff saw the value in creating cutting-edge, athlete-centric fashion to meet the specialized needs of the youth market. Headquartered in New York City, Outerstuff has grown to be a global presence.


Standard Realty
1552, 1575-1581 President Street & 1452 Carroll Street


Standard Realty is a fast-growing company of experienced real estate professionals that manage multi-family units all over the city. Standard Realty is frequently adding units to their portfolio and is partnered with Andora Systems for all of their low voltage projects.
In Standard Realty’s buildings, Andora has installed CCTV IP camera systems for professional surveillance and comprehensive monitoring, providing security and peace of mind to the tenants and the building managers. Andora also designed and installed the access control systems using Keyscan and i3 International products for superior performance. Andora remotely monitors and administers these systems for convenience to the owner and a guarantee that the system is functioning as it should.

Andora installs low voltage systems in many multi-family housing units all over New York City, providing CCTV and access control systems that are simple for owners to operate, offer third party management services, create a secure environment for tenants, and utilize equipment that demonstrates quality and dependability.


177 Harrison Street

177 Harrison St



The United Talmudical Academy in Brooklyn is expanding into a new building on 177 Harrison Street that will service 1500 high school students in over 70 classrooms. Andora Systems has been selected as the lead designer and installer for all of the low voltage systems in this facility — access control, elevator control, alarm system, paging system, IP camera system and all A/V presentation systems.




Andora Systems completes many low voltage projects in educational settings and that experience has proven to be a valuable asset when it comes to understanding the concerns and needs of school administrators. Andora custom designs systems that are simple to operate, provide a secure environment for students and teachers, and utilize equipment that demonstrates quality and dependability. 



482 Franklin Avenue


482 Franklin Ave



Andora Systems will install various low voltage systems in a new Brooklyn apartment complex located in Bedford Stuyvesant. Andora will equip the 93-unit building with a state-of-the-art Aiphone intercom and CCTV system that will provide convenience and security to tenants. Andora Systems’ specializes in large-scale commercial projects and successful relationships with developers.





This development is intended to offer an affordable housing option that is furnished with modern amenities. The interior of the units will feature hardwood floors, solid-wood cabinets, brand-name appliances, granite counter-tops, and dishwashers. Two-bedroom units will contain a master-suite with bath, and many units will have balconies or terraces. Additional features include approximately 32 parking spaces, bicycle parking, a common recreation room, a fitness center and gardens.


The project at 482 Franklin is scheduled to be completed in October 2014.



101 Bedford


Andora Systems worked as the low-voltage installer on this project and installed the access control system, the CCTV security system, the structured wiring for data, cable, phone, intercom, distributed audio, and internet throughout the building. Andora also designed and installed the screening room, the business center, the conference room, and the concierge station.



101 BEDFORD is highlighted by a host of exceptional amenities, such as the 2,500-square-foot fully-equipped fitness center, Olympic-size indoor pool with hot tub, men’s and women’s saunas, wine vault, game rooms, screening room, sound-proof recording/photography studio, business center, conference room/library, on-site parking and 24/7 doorman/concierge service. 



The Plex Brooklyn

The Plex 2


Andora Systems was The Plex’s low-voltage partner and installed the access control system, the CCTV security system, structured wiring for data, cable, phone, intercom, and internet for each apartment unit and throughout the building. Andora also designed and installed the screening room, the distributed audio and video in the fitness center, the distributed audio in each apartment unit, and the concierge station.





Spanning an entire city block, the building has been designed as an urban oasis with an amazing array of features, including attended lobby, on-site garage, two landscaped residents’ terraces, toddlers’ playground, dog run, fully-equipped residents’ lounge with billiards table, screening room, bicycle room, refrigerated “Fresh Direct” package room and a 1,500-square-foot fitness center with separate yoga room. A virtual city within a city, the building even offers residents the convenience of their own ATM and vending machines.



Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka



Andora Systems’ reputation as an experienced integrator paved the way for their partnership with Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka. Andora is designing and installing a CCTV security system, alarm, and an indication system for patron management and efficient use of resources.



The Heights at 30 Henry Street

30 Henry


Andora Systems is playing an integral role in the design and installation of the low-voltage and automated features in this building — wiring infrastructure (data, cable, phone, internet), a CCTV security system, alarms, access control, and automation features in each apartment such as lighting, thermostat, fireplace control, and touchscreens for ease of use.




This unique five-story building offers classic design combined with contemporary open floorplans, modern amenities, and exceptional appointments. Elevators open directly into your residence where a formal entry foyer flows into the great room. Casement windows on two sides with wrought-iron railings bathe the space in light. A fireplace adds a touch of warmth. This is a wide open space to relax, entertain and live in.


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