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Aug 2017
By admin -   In News -   Comments Off on Savant Turns Up the Heat with Their New Wireless Thermostat

climate controlSavant has recently introduced a hot new addition to their line of cool, innovative products. The Savant Wireless Thermostat (a.k.a. the SST-W100) is controlled via WiFi for easy operation from any Savant interface. Not only can both heating and cooling systems can be controlled, but Savant has made it possible to network more than one thermostat over an existing WiFi network.

Conserve energy and reduce your monthly bill by setting the thermostat to react to the temperature outside, any season or time of day. The thermostat is designed for one- and two-stage control of forced air, radiant, heat pump, and HVAC systems, which makes it ideal for new and retrofit applications. All that is required is the standard thermostat wiring.

Up to two remote temperature sensors can be added to enhance flexibility of the system and optimize performance. Climate is regulated by built-in sensors within the thermostat that, if necessary, can be disabled when the SST-W100 must be installed out of sight. Additional features include a backlit graphical display, local temperature info, and six buttons with on-screen labels. The thermostat’s HVAC Scheduler is easily accessed and adjusted through the Savant TrueControl iPad app.

Savant’s products are Apple-based, using this already established platform for the hardware and software of their systems. The user’s existing Apple computers, iPhones and iPads each become a control center for all of their home systems. Not only does Savant utilize these sleek software designs, but system operation is intuitive and seamless, and complex processes can be executed by the click of a button.

Andora Systems is one of the leading Savant dealers in New York City, frequently installing Savant products in luxury, high-end homes and condominiums for seamless automation that is elegant and sophisticated.

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