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There are many different types of sensors that detect building intrusions. The following sensors can all be integrated with a smart alarm panel from Andora.


motion sensorA motion sensor is a device that detects motion and can be installed at many points around the premises. Each sensor is assigned a zone so that the owner can see the details of where the alarm activation took place.


Contact sensors are placed onto doors and windows to detect the moment that any entry/exit points are opened or closed.


A glass break sensor responds when glass is broken. Windows are a common point of entry for intruders and tend to be a vulnerable point for unauthorized entry.


Photo beam sensors are ideal for large yards or warehouses. Photo beams send a message to the alarm panel when they have been broken by an obstruction, usually a person unknowingly walking through.


Alarm sensorsCarbon monoxide sensors are vital to any building, as they detect a colorless and odorless gas that is fatal if unnoticed. These sensors can be integrated with the alarm panel to trigger a loud alarm and potentially save the lives of many people.


Smoke detectors are a required sensor for all buildings, and this too can be incorporated with a smart alarm panel from Andora. (It is important to note that smoke detector integration should not be confused with a commercial fire alarm system).





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