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Access control provides the means to successfully manage building access while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Access control systems are specially designed to meet the security requirements for many types of premises: apartment buildings, offices, high-profile commercial buildings, restricted areas, government buildings, or facilities that may be targeted for crimes. All commercial buildings should have an access control system in place. Any access point, such as a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier must be electronically controlled in order to ensure that the premises are secure.


Access control systems offer many benefits that make building management effective and secure.


Identify Who, When, and Where

An access control system allows administrators to know who is accessing where at what time.


Restrict Access

Administrators can secure entrances by granting or denying access to selected persons. Permissions can be adjusted for times or dates, locations, or for specific persons.


Modify Settings

Create schedules for doors to automatically lock or unlock as needed. Restrict or grant access at the click of a button.


No Keys Necessary

Electronic access methods eliminate the need for keys and allow management to revoke permissions at any time.


Remote Access

In addition to on-site access, Access Control Systems can also be controlled and accessed remotely to allow for more comprehensive management.



Integrate the access control system to operate alongside concurrent systems such as CCTV, alarms, security, lighting, A/C, etc.



A third-party monitoring system can keep a constant eye on a building’s activity. Reports and notifications are generated to alert management of any unusual occurrences or breach of security.




There are many options for managing access control. The proper approach depends on the function of the building and the level of security that is necessary. Andora Systems’ experienced access control consultants will determine which solutions will best serve your needs.




Access Control Case Study


Andora was hired to install an access control system in an office building with 32 doors. The client’s existing access system was unreliable and repeatedly cutting out, resulting in compromised security, incomplete logs, and no activity records.


Andora’s solution was to update to a Keyscan access system that boasts reliable functionality and the latest technology. The system is hosted and managed by Andora Systems, which means that any system problems are immediately addressed. Server maintenance, software updates, database administration, and uptime performance are taken care of without inconveniencing the client.


The new system was installed within two days and with only two hours of downtime. The client was able to keep all of their field end devices the same, cutting down on cost and system downtime. New head end equipment and processors were installed, and all existing data and credentials were transferred to the new system.


The result was that the new access control system is reliable and functioning as expected with no downtime or compromised security. The client has easy access to an online portal to add/delete users, access logs, pull reports, and administer the system in any way. When Andora hosts an access control system, the client doesn’t have to worry about licensing fees or maintenance.




What to expect when choosing Andora as your Access Control Specialist:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Management of the installed systems (optional)
• Training building managers to operate the systems and remotely view transactions
• Providing assistance when you need it


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