The protection of people, property and belongings is of the utmost importance in urban centers. Alarm systems are proven to greatly decrease the chances of a successful burglary in residential or commercial spaces.


Commercial alarm systems ensure the protection of valuable materials while also providing peace of mind to the building owner that their property, employees, and belongings are safe and secure. The protections provided by an alarm system are not limited to only what is inside of a building — alarm systems can also monitor the perimeter and notify building owners when the surrounding area is breached by an unauthorized person.


The safety and security of an expertly installed alarm system allows owners to concentrate on their business and feel confident that it is protected.


There are multiple features of an alarm system that can deter or reduce criminal activity. Features range from basic to highly-sophisticated, and their use depends on the level of security that is necessary. Signage that indicates the presence of an alarm can sometimes deter a criminal from attempting entry. A loud, high-pitched alarm sound will alert neighbors and people passing by, and even if the alarm system does not stop an intruder from entering, the loud alarm will prevent a prolonged stay. Detection equipment is installed on all exterior points of entry. Doors and windows are equipped with contact sensors that relay information to the alarm panel when tampering is evident. Building owners and law enforcement are notified to the potential intrusion and are able to react quickly to eliminate threats.

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The components that are most commonly used in basic alarm systems include a control panel, keypad, siren, indoor motion detector, door contacts, and window contacts. More sophisticated alarms have additional components such as glass break detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats under carpeting, and alarm screens for windows. All alarm systems, no matter the level of sophistication, can include the use of a third party central monitoring station which detects any intrusions and immediately notifies the appropriate parties.


Andora Systems has the experience and knowledge to design an alarm system that fulfills the security requirements of a building and reaches the level of protection that is needed. Andora Systems installs alarm systems in a wide range of environments, from basic alarm systems in residences to complex installations in high-end office buildings, schools, and large-scale apartment buildings.



Andora uses only the highest quality products and components when installing a state-of-the-art alarm security system. As a New York State licensed alarm installer, Andora has direct relationships with leading security equipment manufacturers like Bosch, GE and Honeywell.


Alarm Case Study


A common alarm panel problem occurs when users bypass zones that are broken or malfunctioning. As time goes on and more zones are bypassed or there are multiple false alarms, users disconnect them altogether because it is not worth the time and inconvenience. This jeopardizes security and renders the alarm obsolete.


The solution is to switch to a more intelligent alarm panel from HAI. Andora is then able to remotely diagnose issues and give the user the ability to program automatic functions. Automatically turning the alarm on or off makes the operation of the alarm easier and less user-dependent. An alarm panel from HAI will notify Andora when a zone is malfunctioning and a service call can be scheduled to fix the problem right away.


Another advantage with an intelligent alarm panel is that it can be controlled remotely with an easy-to-use app. The app sends an alert when a zone is tripped and gives details about what is happening on the premises. The client is then able to determine the next course of action, whether it is dispatching or canceling first responders. The alarm works for the user, not the other way around.


Automatic arming or disarming can eliminate many false alarms. The user can turn off the alarm before central station is notified, avoiding unnecessary police or fire dispatch. A smart alarm panel will also cut down on bypassed zones, meaning more security for the building.


The alarm panel can be programmed to call the user directly or together with the central station. The user can also set up the systems so that all activity is reported through text or email.


Andora replaced the old alarm with an HAI alarm panel. The client reported that the system arms and disarms on schedule and that the process of giving access rights to employees is simple. The client loves the app because it allows for interaction with the alarm instead of just responding to problems.


Andora provides 3rd party monitoring services for their clients and is partnered with an alarm monitoring company that handles dispatch and notifications.


What to expect when choosing Andora as your partner in Alarm System Installation:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Third Party Monitoring that continuously supervises your premises and alerts the authorities if there is a fire or a breach of security (optional)
• Training building managers to operate the system
• Providing assistance when you need it


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