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AV_SystemsCommercial spaces can be vastly improved through the installation of audio/visual reproduction and communication systems. Andora Systems designs and builds quality audio/visual systems to provide sound, music, paging, and public address systems to clients.



The audio/visual equipment used by Andora is based on functionality, quality, and a record of reliability. Andora can help you to select the most suitable products for your project and ensure that you are provided with a quality system that suits your needs and adds value to your commercial space.


Distributed audio/video systems are an ideal addition to any office, conference room, lobby, or retail store. These systems are dynamic, allowing the user to reach their customers or guests with specific information and timely messages.

Distributed audio/video systems are flexible and adaptable — Multi-display control and matrix switching allows the user to control which video source is displaying on any particular monitor or which audio channel is playing in the zone of their choice.


AV_Systems_2Andora knows that every audio/visual distribution system should be user friendly, reliable, and capable of delivering superior performance, every day. It is the continuing goal of Andora to deliver unparalleled system performance, flexibility, ease of operation, reliability, and owner training and support.



Andora has developed and installed communication system solutions for a variety of commercial spaces — high-end offices, hotels, schools, restaurants, and retail stores. Andora’s design and installation experts are the premier partner for any audio/visual communication project.


A/V Systems Case Study


A client with a showroom in their office was having problems organizing their video and audio feeds over 20 different display monitors. Their setup was inconvenient and ineffective. In order to change the displays, they were swapping plugs and ports when necessary. None of their systems worked together, the AV sources were scattered throughout the room, and the wires were tangled and disorganized. The client wanted to be able to manage the showroom easily without wasting time and energy.


Andora determined that what the client needed was an easy to operate distributed AV system. Andora placed all of the sources in one location, organized the equipment on a closet rack, and installed a Control4 system to manage the showroom. A Control4 system is operated through sleek touchscreens that boast an intuitive user interface. These touchscreens were placed in strategic locations throughout the office — out of the way but easily accessible. To change feeds using the touchscreen, the user selects the monitor and then selects the source, video and/or audio. Andora connected all of the sources that the client needed for their showroom displays – computers, cable TV, DVD players, video conferencing, microphones, music, etc.


The client loved the new Control4 setup. No more plug swapping or moving a source from here to there. The client was trained on how to use the new system and now their showroom impresses customers, looks professional, and operates seamlessly. 

What to expect when choosing Andora as your partner in A/V System Installation:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Training building managers to operate the system
• Providing assistance when you need it


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