An IP camera system ensures that building managers, warehouse supervisors, and owners can view their premises and access a complete record of events at all times. High-resolution cameras document all entries and movements throughout a building, NVRs store and index vital footage, and a comprehensive network allows for efficient system management.



IP camera systems are quickly becoming the norm in today’s CCTV installations. IP systems incorporate the latest technology, increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience of CCTV systems.







Advantages of IP


IP cameras record in high resolution, making it is possible to see faces and events from up to 120 feet away. Digital format NVRs can index events as they happen, providing the ability to access, bookmark, and easily retrieve footage. Footage can be accessed and exported instantly, without extended processing time.


An IP camera system is managed like a computer network. Each camera is a node on the network, making it easy to identify and monitor each system component. The system is proactive — for example, the administrator receives a notification when a camera is not functioning as desired.


The advantages of using an IP system are extensive, applying not only to the camera quality and network capabilities, but also to analytics and integration.


High Resolution Footage


User Management 

Simple to manage system users and grant access permissions.


Motion/Location-Based Searches 

Users can highlight a particular area on the feed and search for activity that transpired within that selected area, drastically increasing efficiency when locating a particular occurrence.


Video Analytics 

Retailers are able to customize the information they collect by using intelligent analytics. The system collects actionable information such as the store’s ability to draw customers, the effectiveness of displays or sales, staffing strategies, or the impact of the store’s location or ambiance. Data is gathered and presented in selected formats, increasing success-driven business decisions.


POS Integration 

All popular POS systems interface with Andora’s IP systems to provide analytics for exhaustive exception reporting. Sort and search all POS transactions by time period, transaction type, amount, number of items, payment type, cashier, sales associate, SKU, exception type, and more. The system provides immediate access to video, sends customizable reports to email, and delivers instant alerts based on specified criteria.


Door/Customer Count

Retailers are in a better position to maximize capital and employee efforts when they have access to traffic and conversion rate data. Intelligent analytics provide an automatic calculation of conversion rates by chain, store, and region for any time period, obtaining accurate measurements for marketing, promotions, staffing, and loss prevention.


Wait Time 

Customer wait time is one of the many components that contribute to sales. The system collects vital information that helps managers to minimize wait times and maximize staff. Analytics provide information on traffic, conversion, staffing levels and sales.


Loss Prevention 

Retailers save considerable money on capital expenditure and ongoing costs when integrating their IP system with intelligent analytic software. The system can combine data from any number of sites and provide instant access to all archived video throughout the enterprise. Managers can view, search, and sort point-of-sale system events.


Staff Optimization 

Using comprehensive analytics presents the opportunity to scrutinize staffing decisions and optimize them for maximum sales and cost efficiency. Direct integrations with a time clock system clearly and intuitively reveals under/overstaffing problems and how to shift resources to maximize profits. 


Incident Reports 

Safety breach reporting software is a powerful web-based tool for organizations to maintain up-to-date records of safety-related issues. This user-friendly software provides the capabilities to track, record and report incidents and to determine their cause. Managers are able to grant visibility to transpired events, anticipate potentially costly problem areas, and deter incidents before they occur.



Effective marketing programs depend on concrete, factual feedback. Understanding the path to purchase reveals deeper insight into why campaigns are effective or not, making more efficient marketing programs possible.


Additional advantages include: concurrent logins, simultaneous viewing and downloading of footage, installing multiple NVRs at each location, and recording at a high resolution on each channel.


Migration from analog to IP


It can be expensive to swap out an entire analog CCTV system in order to upgrade to IP. Andora offers the cost-effective and forward-thinking solution of a hybrid CCTV system. A hybrid system integrates existing analog cameras into an IP network. This solution provides all of the advantages of an IP system except for the high quality resolution of IP cameras. In a hybrid CCTV system, footage is recorded in analog quality however the IP network features of indexing, bookmarking, and retrieval is available through the NVR.


Access Control Integration


Andora’s expert design and technical teams are able to combine the access control system with the CCTV system, creating an integrated security approach that will secure and continuously monitor a building. Integrated security systems can be accessed from anywhere at any time via computer or smartphone.



Andora specializes in customizing IP CCTV security systems that fit their clients’ needs, whether it is an all new IP camera network or a hybrid system. Andora installs CCTV camera systems in any environment — offices, apartment buildings, retail stores, schools, and commercial spaces.


Andora combines professional knowledge with cutting edge technology to protect people, property and profits. Whether protecting a single entrance or creating a security command center for multiple properties, Andora has the expertise, experience and the resources to build an efficient integrated security system.


CCTV Case Study


A prominent real estate management company in Brooklyn specializes in remodeling apartment buildings in underdeveloped neighborhoods for new tenants. Due to the properties’ locations, increased security is necessary to ensure the safety of the tenants and the building. The security systems required for these buildings need to be more interactive, simple to manage, and equipped to handle multiple properties from a centralized location.


Andora Systems chose to install a CCTV system that is integrated with the access control. A high concentration of high-quality IP cameras from i3 International were linked to a Keyscan access control system hosted by Andora Systems. Although the system is hosted by Andora, the client is also able to administer the systems with full access and permissions. By linking these systems, any building activity that may pose a security issue is monitored and recorded. This system setup also ensured that only the tenants were able to gain entrance to the building.


The integration of the CCTV activity to the access control system empowers the client to identify any abuses or criminal activity in the building. All goings-on in or around the building are recorded and logged by the CCTV system where they can then be matched to a specific tenant through the access control system. This comprehensive record can be shared with police to identify subversive activity or in the event of a crime.


These buildings are considered to be high-quality, secure buildings that are well managed. In two years, the management company was able to increase their rents, attract responsible tenants, and improve the condition of their buildings.


What to expect when choosing Andora as your partner in CCTV camera system installation:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Management of the installed systems (optional)
• Training building managers to operate the systems and remotely view transactions
• Providing assistance when you need it


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