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Consulting servicesAndora’s expertise in the electronic security and automation industry is a valuable resource for contractors, bidders, and clients. Andora offers consulting services for each phase of a project – proposal preparation, contractor and bid selection, engineering, system design, and plan design.


Whether you are an integrator or a building owner, Andora’s consulting services can help you to select the appropriate integration approach for any project.


As a certified CEDIA member, Andora has the expertise and capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Call Andora today to find out more information about what our consulting services can do for you.


Consulting Case Study


One of Andora’s commercial clients was constructing a new building that would rent office space to businesses. The client received multiple proposals and suggestions regarding the low voltage wiring infrastructure however he did not have enough expertise or knowledge to know which systems were necessary and which were extraneous.


The client hired Andora Systems as a consultant for the project. Andora had a meeting with the client to identify the exact use of the building and the long term intentions of the client. It was determined that the tenants must have an infrastructure that accommodates their business needs and the client must have the tools to efficiently manage the building. It is very important to wire correctly during construction. If mistakes are made and system capabilities are overlooked, the client will then have to spend time and money on upgrades and may lose tenants based on the lack of technological capabilities.


After identifying the needs of the client, the tenants, the building, and the management, Andora created a detailed RFP that outlined all necessary procedures, equipment, and installation requirements for the building. Potential bidders were provided with the framework to deliver a clear bid package that left no room for interpretation. Andora then met with all bidders and advised the client about which bid was the most viable based on the company’s skills, size, knowledge, and price. After the bidder was chosen, Andora oversaw the installation, verified that it was up to spec, and made sure that the job was completed as promised.


The client was very happy with Andora’s consulting services and referred them to other developers. Actual quote from the developer: “This was the most pleasant low voltage scope on any project and how I will proceed from now on.


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