Intelligent Security

intelligent security

Innovative Technology


Artificially intelligent security systems are able to complete tasks autonomously as programmed while employing machine learning technology to adapt its operational behavior through the analysis of observable patterns. Machine learning in security systems occurs by the system sending an alert to the user regarding a potential issue, then prompting the user to instruct the system of how to correctly process that occurrence. By teaching the system the appropriate response to a specific set of data, the machine then applies this knowledge to the same data set moving forward, thereby learning how to improve its own functionality to better serve the user.

Proactive vs. Reactive


AI security solutions differ from the current technology in that they are proactive, not reactive. The current configuration of cameras, NVRs and alarm systems working together are limited in ability, and are only able to react to a very specific set of incidents—if a door is opened an alarm sounds, if a guard notices an unidentified individual on one screen in a wall of video feeds he can take action, or if a crime is committed the footage can be accessed later to recall the incident. Proactive technology sends alerts when any person or situation is out of the ordinary, so that before anything happens, building owners are aware and directing all necessary resources to monitoring the situation or dispatching reinforcement to deter any undesirable behavior or security breach.


Advanced Analytics


Security systems now have advanced analytic capabilities that offer real-time updates about the activities in and around a building or site. Far more comprehensive than human ability to keep an accurate and insightful record of minute details, all aspects of security, people, places, and actions are processed immediately into a complex database, organizing the information to recognize expected and unexpected activity. Analytics process a variety of information such as where people are at any given time, who the person is, what that person is doing, what if anything about the situation is out of the ordinary, if that particular person is authorized to be in that location, or if the person does not have access at all and is an intruder.


Extensive Applications


The applications for artificially intelligent security technologies are extensive and rapidly growing. Capabilities include facial recognition software, license plate cameras, activity monitoring, parking lot management, construction site monitoring, community resource insights, health care facility patient monitoring, employee/tenant management, efficiency improvement, operation oversight, and workplace/office/warehouse/residence monitoring. 


Data Storage


The capacity to store large amounts of data remotely has seen great improvements over the past few years. Today, high resolution data can be inexpensively stored and accessed easily, reducing the risk of equipment being damaged, stolen and improving the efficiency of retrieving data. Cloud storage offers huge benefits to security operations, storing data in real-time and remotely in the cloud so that it cannot be destroyed via the recording equipment.


Increased Accessibility


Large scale, high-budget, and extremely sensitive operations such as airports and casinos have been utilizing sophisticated intelligent technology for years. Only now it is available in configurations that are designed for smaller scale commercial applications, offering practical and affordable options for equipment, system management, and data storage.




Intelligent security systems do not have to be built from the ground up. Andora can upgrade existing IP CCTV systems that utilize the smarter, more efficient operation of new systems to offer cloud-based real-time storage solutions, advanced data collection, and proactive operating capabilities.


Andora as Solutions Provider


In the past, the dynamic nature of technology has been a detriment as upgrades constantly outdate previous iterations. The features of artificial intelligence and machine learning allow more opportunities for the technology to stay relevant. Cloud-based solutions and software are constantly updated and improved, system intelligence expands over time, and the analytics continue to collect and organize more and more data to improve operation. When Andora installs an intelligent CCTV security system for a client, upgrades to the software are included, meaning the system not only remains relevant but also evolves right along with the enhancement of technology.


What to expect when choosing Andora as your Intelligent Security Specialist:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Management of the installed systems (optional)
• Training building managers to operate the systems and remotely view transactions
• Providing assistance when you need it

Intelligent Security Services Now Available from Andora Systems



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