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Residential_ServicesAndora’s residential services can save time and money by offering conveniences that improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Combining your home’s systems into one simple to use interface allows more time for what’s important. Preset settings can create the ideal environment for specific times of the day in any room of the home. Daily routines can be controlled with one touch of a button.


Lighting scenes can be created and set to automatically respond based on the time of day or the activity in the home. Thermostats can be set to adjust at specific times or controlled remotely. An audio/video distribution system allows the user to store and play music or videos in any room of the house. Security systems can be programmed to arm or disarm at any moment. Alerts can notify homeowners to anything out of the ordinary. One LCD touch control panel can control all of your home’s systems. All systems can be monitored remotely, allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their property no matter where they are.


An automation system will tie your home’s systems together so they work for you when you need them. The settings are determined by you and are programmed to function at your convenience. With one touch of a button.


Andora specializes in security systems, lighting control, thermostat control, CCTV cameras, structured data networks, intercoms, phone systems, home theaters, multi-room audio/video, and system integration. Andora’s staff of dedicated consultants, system programmers, designers and installation experts have set high standards of excellence in the home automation industry.

Residential Services Case Study


Residential construction in NYC can be a slow moving and exasperating process. Permit acquisition, unforeseen delays, cost overruns, and time mismanagement are common problems that can make people wish they had never started their project.


A homeowner who was in the middle of construction came to Andora after going way over budget and becoming frustrated with the progress. The homeowner knew that it was integral to have a high-quality low voltage installation. Due to his frustrations, he did not want to be involved with this aspect of the project. He expressed to Andora that he wanted to have one discussion outlining his requirements and from that point on, rely on Andora to complete the job as discussed.


Andora prepared the low voltage plan as if the project was their own. Andora knew the design should be useful but not over the top, easy to operate, and utilize the latest technology without being too technical. The homeowner approved the proposal in the first meeting and the installation went smoothly. Andora installed the security system, alarm, intercom, structured wiring, distributed audio, and a home theater.


After the homeowner moved into the house, Andora conducted an initial training on the new systems. The homeowner has been very happy with the results and is singing the praises of Andora to anyone who will listen.


Equipment used in this installation: Samsung & Digital Watchdog  for security, HAI for alarm, Aiphone for intercom, NuVo for distributed audio, and a Control4 home theater.


What to expect when choosing Andora as your partner in Home Automation Installation:


• Comprehensive survey of your home
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment
• Training you to operate the system
• Providing assistance when you need it 


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