Street and License Plate Cameras

parking lot managementParking lots and street traffic around buildings and businesses can yield problems for owners if not properly monitored and maintained. Street and License Plate Cameras drastically improve an owners’ ability to control the activity within and the functionality of the areas surrounding their building.


Parking Lot Management


Many parking lots in high-traffic areas are plagued with unauthorized and sometimes even illegal usage. Businesses and residences must be vigilant to enforce parking rules and monitor the appropriate use of lots and surrounding streets. Many times, this enforcement requires the hiring of attendants to administer the lot and patrol the area to ensure no infractions are taking place. Manpower is costly and at times ineffective, and is often an expenditure that is not a sustainable long term solution.


A License Plate Camera System makes it possible to identify and log every license plate that enters and exits a parking lot. In a commercial business lot, owners can establish a time limit within the software that is congruent with the average time spent by patrons. When a vehicle exceeds this limit, the software alerts owners and administrators to take action such as calling a tow or issuing a ticket, eliminating the temptation for non-patrons to park their vehicle for free over a long period of time. License Plate Cameras can also replace parking lot attendants by granting entrance or exit to authorized vehicles into a leasing or residential garage. License Plate Cameras can be installed to cover the entirely of the lot, meaning that any accidents, car thefts, suspicious activity, disputes, or crimes can be reviewed and on the record.


Perimeter Monitoring


Street use of License Plate Cameras is also beneficial to building owners to effectively monitor the premises surrounding a building. Owners can set up the software to receive alerts pertaining to a range of activities or flag activity that arouses suspicion, such as any vehicles that regularly drive slowly by, idle next to the building, or if any patterns emerge in seemingly innocuous behavior. Cameras can provide a crystal clear image of the individuals in a vehicle, record what they are doing, if they are meeting someone, and record additional specific details about their vehicle. The cameras can also detect patterns in the behavior of individuals on foot or loitering that may pose a problem to residents and the property. If there is unusual activity or an accident, alerts are sent to owners for them to review the situation and notify the authorities if necessary. Footage is easily accessible, and high resolution images serve as an invaluable tool if proof or documentation of an incident is required.


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Automatic Software Updates


Andora is partnered with vendors that consistently improve the functionality of their products. The cloud hosting subscriptions offered through Andora are automatically updated on a regular basis in order to maintain system integrity, protect from constantly evolving network threats, and increase operational capacity in conjunction with new technology.




Andora + Security Solutions


Andora is devoted to providing their customers with the most effective and intuitive License Plate Camera Systems on the market, designing the ideal parking lot or perimeter setup for any commercial or residential project. Andora works with customers to understand their desired usage and operations, providing them with the necessary tools and features to best secure their property, tenants, and employees.




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