Tenant Management

tenant managementEffective building management requires constant supervision and supreme organization which are time-consuming, costly endeavors, especially for busy landlords. Intelligent CCTV technology is an invaluable resource for building owners to ensure a safe residence for their tenants, the protection of their property, and a clear, accessible record of what is happening in and around the building at all times.


Tenant mismanagement can have severe financial consequences, especially in New York City. Home-sharing sites pose a variety of problems for landlords. The combination of easy-to-use websites offering short-term rentals and the illegality of such agreements has created an environment where landlords who report their tenant for sub-leasing their space can be fined by the city for being in violation of rental laws. There are other risks associated with tenant use of home-sharing sites, such as allowing unknown individuals into the building while the tenant is not present. These sub-renters can create an unsafe environment for the other tenants if they vandalize property, create a hostile environment, or allow additional unauthorized people into the building. These unsupervised actions may cause tenants to discontinue their lease, reviewing the management company poorly, and attracting irresponsible tenants. Illegal rental practices also make it possible for tenants to run a business using the building owner’s investment, taking advantage of rent control laws and skimming profits while jeopardizing the security of the building.


When a landlord installs a comprehensive tenant management and monitoring system, the advantages quickly come into focus. CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition technology can identify if an unknown person is just visiting or is living with a renter. If owning a pet is in breach of the lease, the system will notify the landlord that an animal is present. Any activity, illegal or otherwise, is monitored and recorded, and the system will send an alert when any suspicious behavior is identified. Disputes, crimes, or unruly gatherings are fully documented, providing a complete and accurate accounting of any unwanted activities.


Intelligent CCTV Systems are proactive, meaning that they identify potential problems before they arise. Landlords can use the system to set up a series of alerts, such as when a person is in a specific location at odd hours, when employees are not completing tasks as expected, when an unauthorized individual is granted entrance to the building and by whom, and so on. This proactive approach allows landlords to resolve issues quickly and with legitimacy.


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Automatic Software Updates


Andora is partnered with vendors that consistently improve the functionality of their products. The cloud hosting subscriptions offered through Andora are automatically updated on a regular basis in order to maintain system integrity, protect from constantly evolving network threats, and increase operational capacity in conjunction with new technology.




Andora + Security Solutions


Andora is devoted to providing their customers with the most effective and intuitive Tenant Management/ Intelligent Security Systems on the market, designing the appropriate CCTV configuration and software functionality for any commercial or residential project. Andora works with customers to understand their desired usage and operations, providing them with the necessary tools and features to best secure their property, tenants, and employees.




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