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Aug 2017
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Andora has teamed up with Lutron HomeWorks to offer homeowners total control of all their home’s systems easily. Exclusively designed to streamline the home, HomeWorks controls of all the lighting – interior, exterior, electric light and natural light. HomeWorks can also be integrated with audio/visual and HVAC products from other manufacturers, making it flexible enough to accommodate any preferred new or existing home systems. Save time, energy, and money by choosing a system that increases efficiency and redefines the everyday operation of the home.


Simple and Convenient

Lighting plays a significant role in creating the ambience for every occasion. Preset the lights and shade levels by creating “scenes” that are accessible at the touch of a button. A “Dining” scene will adjust the lights and shades to a level that perfectly accompanies the evening meal.

All in One

The lights, shades, A/V equipment, and temperature can be controlled from a single keypad through HomeWorks’ seamless integration with 3rd party manufacturers.

Improve Security

HomeWorks features can also be combined with the home security system, flashing exterior lights to alert that there is a problem and turning interior lights on to illuminate the exits. Lights can also be programmed to turn on and off automatically when nobody is at home, giving the home a lived-in the appearance.

Welcome Home

Turn on all desired lights when arriving home from work by pushing a button to activate preset light settings. Programmed interior and exterior lighting will be there to welcome you home.

Save Energy

If conservation is important to you, Lutron’s HomeWorks can help your home to save energy by reducing the cost of utilities in the long run. Sensors turn lights on and off automatically when a person enters or exits a room. Shades can be programmed to adjust their height depending on the time of day, keeping heating and cooling costs down.

Elegant Design

Forget multiple wall switches or a mess of tangled wires. HomeWorks uses only one sleek keypad with a variety of colors and finishes to match any home’s décor.

Smart Control

HomeWorks QS can be integrated with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices to conveniently check the status of your lights, shades, and HVAC when you are not at home.

User Friendly

A “Goodnight” button will lower the shades, turn off the lights, and adjust the temperature throughout the entire home before you turn in for the night. No lights will remain on to waste energy or inconvenience anyone who is comfortable in their bed.

Lighting in the Home

Lights come in many different varieties and styles. From overhead fixtures to table lamps, an array of light sources can add a lot of flexibility and possibilities to a room. HomeWorks can control all of these sources, allowing for dim lighting to create the perfect setting to watch a movie or a brighter, more focused light to be turned on while reading a book. Shades can be adjusted to let in natural light or heat to conserve energy.

Integration with Sonos

The Sonos Home Sound System can be controlled along with Lutron lighting, shades, and climate by using the HomeWorks QS keypad, the Lutron Connect app, or the new Pico Remote for audio. Audio can even be incorporated into lighting scenes to set the perfect mood. The Pico Remote can be used to control the audio without the need for an app.

Andora + HomeWorks

Each room has its own lighting needs. Whether it is soft, gentle lighting in the bedroom, natural light in the bathroom, or brighter lighting throughout the kitchen, Lutron HomeWorks can make it simple and convenient to adjust the lighting for every setting or activity.

Andora is a certified integrator of Lutron HomeWorks, installing Lutron systems throughout New York City. Andora designs sophisticated and intuitive lighting systems that create the ideal atmosphere in every room of the home. For a free consultation, contact Andora today.

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