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Third Party Monitoring

Andora offers customers the option to employ a third party to manage their alarm system and monitor their premises day and night. An unmonitored system relies on loud sirens and flashing lights to alert neighbors to contact the police. Third party monitoring can be a reliable, convenient, and secure way to administer your system and protect your property.


In the case of a fire, emergency, or burglary, Andora’s monitoring service will attempt to contact the business owner.  If that is not successful, the central monitoring station will contact the police, fire department, or medics. There is a small monthly fee for this service and it can be canceled anytime.


How Third Party Monitoring Works


1. The alarm system senses activity.


2. The system waits 30 to 45 seconds to give the owner a chance to deactivate the system.


3. If the alarm is not deactivated, the alarm system sends a message to the monitoring company over telephone lines or wireless signal.


4. The monitoring company receives the message and verifies the alarm, usually by placing a phone call to the business. If they do not receive the proper password or an answer, they call the police.


5. Emergency services respond.




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