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Visitor Management

 visitor managementAffordable, easy to use and simple to install, visitor management systems provide the most efficient and effective level of security for authorizing and logging visitors. The use of a paper log book to record visitors is not able to provide the quality of security that is necessary for high-use facilities. There are now visitor management solutions which allow businesses and organizations to register a visitor in a secure and detailed way. By scanning a visitor’s ID, a visitor can be registered, recorded, and issued a temporary badge signaling authorized access. 


This solution is flexible and offers many features that will help an organization to adhere to their processes and policy requirements for visitors.


There are many benefits to employing visitor management systems. The check-in process for visitors is streamlined and professional. Security is improved by identifying who is inside and their reason for being there. The system collects visitor information more accurately than a paper log book and authorizes building use that is limited to the visitor’s intended location. Reports on visitor data can be analyzed across multiple locations and watch lists can be created to screen unwanted visitors.



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