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Responsible and forward-thinking builders want every room to be structured according to its final purpose. Whether it is an office building with workstations or individual apartment units, wiring infrastructure should be installed during construction for maximum cost efficiency. There are many instances when a building owner does not have specific intentions or exact locations for every piece of equipment. Andora Systems works closely with builders to prepare every room so that wiring is in place and equipment can be set up easily, with no extra cost to the owner.


wiringOffice buildings often have stations or cubicles in place for employees to do their work. These workstations must be equipped with all necessary connections, such as internet, data, and phone. Apartment buildings must have connections for each tenant, such as phone, cable, internet, intercom, and data. Andora can help you to plan ahead and install a structured wiring system that meets your needs for the building use while also saving time and money in the long run.


As more and more businesses rely on their network for efficiency and productivity, it is imperative that a network be constructed properly and with future upgrades in mind. Structured wiring is the backbone of sophisticated computer networks. Andora has the skills and expertise to design and install a comprehensive network for any commercial setting.


When you choose Andora as your partner for structured wiring, Andora’s design team will create plans that incorporate all necessary wiring. Andora’s certified technicians will run the wires, build the network, install mounting racks, and terminate all of the wires so they are ready for the vendor to connect service.


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