Workplace Security and Management

Workplaces of all sizes and types must have systems in place that secure the premises and monitor activity for the benefit of employees and business owners alike. Intelligent security and access systems can be applied in workplaces, offices, and warehouses to help streamline operations, improve efficiency, increase security, and provide a comprehensive overview of all activity in any work environment.


workplace security and management

Applying new technologies in the workplace is an investment with many returns, helping owners to manage employees, track inventory, monitor activity, oversee operations, and gain an insight into how workflow can be improved to better serve the employees and the business itself.


Access control and CCTV systems combined with facial recognition technology guarantee that only authorized individuals gain entry to and move freely within the premises. Facial recognition technology keeps a record of each employee’s identity so that if a stranger is present in secure location, an alert is sent to managers. Cameras provide crystal-clear video of the entire premises, leaving no angle unseen in the event that an incident needs to be investigated. If necessary, an employee’s activities throughout an entire day can be identified and viewed. If a person’s behavior is odd or workflow is disrupted for whatever reason, the system identifies the abnormality and sends an alert. If the system notices an employee in a place they are not supposed to be or if they are granting entry to an unauthorized individual, the system will send a notification that an infraction is taking place.




Warehouse security and management systems have many advantages for employees and owners. Warehouses are generally large and contain extensive inventory that can be easily misplaced or stolen. Securing the warehouse prevents theft of inventory or potential crime committed by intruders. Warehouse monitoring also enables owners to observe all employee behavior to determine the level of productivity or lack thereof, if too much time is spent being idle, if employees are stealing, if the workforce is adequate or underutilized, and what specific tasks the employees are executing at all times of the day. If there is an issue, footage can be accessed to trace every moment in the workflow.


If any suspicious or unusual activity is taking place or if a crime in process is identified, the system can be set up to communicate an alert to every computer in the network, informing employees and managers that an incident is taking place, where it is taking place, and to evacuate immediately.  These alerts are invaluable in the case of an emergency and drastically improve the safety and security of the workplace.


Inventory tracking is another advantage of intelligent security technology. Products can be tracked so that if they are moved to an unauthorized location or end up in a place where they have no business being, an alert is sent. If a package or item is misplaced, the system can trace it to its last known location to determine the whereabouts.


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Automatic Software Updates


Andora is partnered with vendors that consistently improve the functionality of their products. The cloud hosting subscriptions offered through Andora are automatically updated on a regular basis in order to maintain system integrity, protect from constantly evolving network threats, and increase operational capacity in conjunction with new technology.




Andora + Security Solutions


Andora is devoted to providing their customers with the most effective and intuitive Workplace Security and Management systems on the market, installing the necessary equipment to properly monitor and manage offices, warehouses, or any work environment. Andora works with customers to understand their desired usage and operations, providing them with the necessary tools and features to best manage their employees, inventory, and property.



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