In a commercial space, dependable communication and identification is crucial for security and efficient management. A high quality, well-designed intercom system can benefit building owners and increase the value and safety of their building. An intercom system will improve communication abilities between employees or residents and protect staff or tenants by providing the means to safely confirm the identity of visitors.


Intercom systems from Andora Systems offer state-of-the-art features, such as crisp audio and clear, up-close video images that will connect distant locations. Andora Systems is partnered with the leading intercom equipment providers: Aiphone, Panasonic, and Comelit.

Andora can integrate existing CCTV and access control systems for a fully protected building.


Aiphone GT-2CB  Master Monitor Station for GT Color Video Intercom, Black


Intercom systems can be employed internally or externally, and can be installed using existing wiring or networks.


Andora has expertise in intercom systems in a wide variety of settings. Andora has designed and installed systems for large-scale apartment buildings, high-end office spaces, schools, residences, and other commercial buildings. Secure your building and improve communication abilities with sophisticated intercom and entry products from Andora Systems.





Andora Systems will be your integration partner for the installation of a functional and effective communication system in any commercial space.


Intercom Case Study


A landlord with a 60 unit building was having issues with the building’s intercom system. The system demanded too many service calls, and many of the intercoms would stop working anytime there was a renovation in an adjacent apartment. The intercom system was set up in such a way that each intercom was linked, so if one intercom went out, all of the linking intercoms would also fail to work.


Andora changed the system to a new Aiphone intercom system with audio and video capabilities. Distribution boxes were added on every floor and allowed for each intercom to be individually linked to the system, meaning that even if one intercom goes out for any reason, the other intercoms would not be disabled. A system redesign is also an opportune time to upgrade to an audio/video intercom which allows for tenants to see who is at the front door.


The system upgrades took two days to install. For two years there have been no service calls whatsoever.

What to expect when choosing Andora as your partner in Intercom System Installation:


• Comprehensive survey of your office, warehouse, or commercial space
• Solutions that fit your needs and budget
• Installation of quality systems and equipment that allow you to concentrate on your business
• Training building managers to operate the system
• Providing assistance when you need it


Intercom Features


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